Award winning Butterflyy Bliss, produce & and supply made to order, spa
quality natural skincare products.
Products include, body butters, body scrubs, body oils, lip balms and
more, with new fragrances and specialities frequently being added. All
products are made in-house using only naturally sourced ingredients, at
the time of order, so they’re always at their best and freshest when
Products can be ordered online via the Butterflyy Bliss website. They
can be ordered for personal use, as a gift set or in larger quantities as
inserts for beauty subscription boxes, goody bags and bespoke wedding
favours/thank you gifts.
Butterflyy Bliss provides you with accessible, affordable natural luxury.



“Give yourself a botanical kiss from Butterflyy Bliss”


I Am Enough Productions was born out of the distinct lack of representation that I found in the retail market. This was the same during my childhood, and whilst some changes have been made in the decades between my childhood and that of my daughters, significant enough strides have not really taken place. My husband and I were always able to find other ethnicities represented on bags, t-shirts lunch boxes or even notebooks, but never anything that looked like our daughter. We wanted her to look around and see positive representations of herself and people that looked like her. However, no matter where we looked, we struggled to find a British based company that was producing what we needed.
As such, in 2019 we created our business with the goal of printing amazing Black Artwork on wonderful products, such as backpacks, pencil cases, lunch bags, notebooks, journals and diaries.
We want every child to be able to access products that encourage them to shine, to be amazing and to dream big. All products have inspirational quotes, and these are key to our brand as we want to encourage children in our community to excel.
In a world that sometimes makes us question and feel ashamed of our blackness or our “otherness”, we want to remind children of black and mixed heritage backgrounds that everything about them is “enough”, that they are unique in every way and are perfect. Their hair, their curves, their kinks and their shade. We desire to normalise representations of black and duel heritage people so that people of any background will purchase one of our products without it having to be for someone of colour. For us, true integration is about everyone being accepted in equal measure and being able to access these types of products within the mainstream marketplace.
I Am Enough seeks to make it possible for every child and family no matter where they live, whether in a big city or the smallest town, to get easy access to positive representation on items that they will use every day. It is hard for black communities outside of major cities to gain access to culturally appropriate items and, they can sometimes feel isolated from the wider black community and unable to access products that positivity represent them and their background.