Hailing from Brixton in South London, Simple Simon started playing music from a young age inspired by his 3 uncles who both shared a great love for music, one being a lover of Soul & Hip-Hop and the other Reggae & Dancehall. He was besotted any time he entered either room as there was always music playing and an abundance of records everywhere.


This is where Simon learnt how to select music, learning what tracks go together, tempos of genres and subconsciously honing his craft as a 'Selector' all before he ever got to play the music. This was a process that he had to learn before he could ever touch a pair turntables (which he couldn't understand at the time) but just remained at the learning tree and was just happy to be around the music.


As time progressed, Simon's knowledge of music grew to a point where he started to buy his own records and started building his own little collection and before he knew it, his Uncles were calling him to come out and DJ with them at various parties and music events. He began to make a name for him self and started playing music at the local youth club in his area, Myatts Field, every Friday evening which gave him the confidence to start taking DJing more seriously and eventually joining a sound/crew.


Wasn't long before Simon joined a Reggae sound system called 'Rough But Sweet' who were based up the road in Mitcham.  Simon was the youngest member and had to learn a new way of playing music and learn more about what Rough but Sweet represented. Simon was a part of the sound for just over a year, gaining more musical knowledge, learning more about reggae music and what was expected from him being a part of a sound system. He played at several places with the collective including Notting Hill Carnival (which he would go on to do later), Guilford, Northampton, Birmingham and also attended a few sound clashes he never played due to lack of experience, but this was something he would also end up being involved in later on down the line.

Gal flex story...

One Saturday night Simon had just left playing in Guildford with Rough But Sweet and left to head over to a house party a friend was having in Croydon. When he arrived and made his way through the party, he saw a familiar face from his school days playing the music with his crew 'Gal Flex'. Unsure if he would be recognised, Simon went over and stood by the sound observing, the DJ looked up and recognised him straight away, the DJ was Dixy. They spoke briefly and Simon left Dixy to carry on playing.


At the end of the party they continued their conversation about music and what they were both up to, Dixy then told Simon he had another house party to do in a few weeks in Forest Hill and asked if Simon wanted to join him playing tunes, Simon took Dixy up on the offer and officially joined Gal Flex Crew. This was the beginning of a musical partnership that went from playing at local house parties and eventually landing in to the ever-bubbling London club scene. This happened very quickly as people began to familiarise themselves with the Gal Flex brand, promotion and branding was a skill they had grasped very early on, as wearing Gal Flex t-shirts was like a uniform for the members back then in the mid to late 90s. 


It wasn't long before they were sharing line-ups with some of the biggest names on the London club circuit at the time such as: Rampage, Da Ill Kidz, Firin' Squad, Matt White, Jigs & George Kay from Choice FM just to name a few. Almost 25 years later and Gal Flex have gone on to establish themselves as one of the top collectives in the industry as well as amongst their peers and continue to be prolific in the clubs today.